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We would like to pass on the following helpful hints that  have been compiled for your assistance & ease of travel:

These important announcements are provided to ensure your enjoyment while on vacation.  Please carefully read these announcements as they contain information on your destination & portions of this booklet may be useful as a reference.

In order to enjoy your trip, please be sure your luggage does not  exceed the restriction of one (1) bag per person & that the weight is 50lbs (22kg) or less.  Airlines may have other restrictions & penalties for excess.

Accommodation Description Disclaimer
Accommodations categories are based on the size & furnishings of the rooms and not according to the stars allocated to the establishments.  Thus rooms in one establishment may be allocated in different categories. Categories were determined after an official inspection of the rooms.

HC3 – Comfortable rooms with shower or bath/WC in superior middle-class hotels. They are equipped with: minibar or a range of drinks, color TV, radio, direct-dial telephone, hair-dryer, cosmetic articles.

Santos Travel and Tours does not control hotels or allocations of properties.  They do not allocate where groups will be staying.  The main message is that all are considered “First Class”.
> Don’t pack any items you carry on luggage, which may be used as weapons
> Pack foot ware on top
> Carry film & camera in your luggage, or nowadays, memory and phone charger
> Don’t wrap gifts
> Don’t over pack as bags may need to be opened up

If something is missing or damaged, call the U.S. Customer Response Center at 866-289-9673
Be a considerate traveler:
Please remember you are part of a group & a guest in a foreign country. Respect the group members by not smoking, rotating your seat on the bus on a daily basis & being kind & considerate.

Be on time & cooperate with the guides & tour leaders. Everyone will have a better trip if participants are   considerate of each other & of the country they are visiting.

We suggest you carry at least $50.00 in one dollar bills for tips & small purchases.

We recommend you exchange only as much as you need that day. Most large purchases should be paid by credit cards, which provide you with a better exchange rate & protection in case of damage, loss or theft. Euro is now the  common Western European currency (except for Great Britain).

You do not have to exchange U.S. dollars for foreign currency before leaving the country. You will have plenty of opportunity to exchange money upon arrival at your destination, from the airport, hotels & other multiple convenient locations. It’s very simple to exchange & can be done on a daily basis.


Many trips have been ruined & people dissatisfied because they did not listen to the instructions   being given by the tour director & tour guides. Please do not talk when they are giving out information & pay close attention to what they are saying. If you are not clear about the information given, ask questions. Private time is always scheduled, so stay with the group during sightseeing.

It is very important to be on time as per Instructions from the guide. Each tour & each day contain a great deal of sightseeing & someone must be completed at a certain time. If you late, getting on the bus, everyone loses valuable time & you may miss an important part of the day.

Documents, Required Travel:
A valid passport is required for all international travel. Please be certain your passport will not expire at least 6 months before you return to the U.S.A. & that your passport is signed on page two. In case your passport is lost, it’s very difficult to replace so be certain that your documents (passport, airline tickets & money) are stored in a safe place. We recommend you carry them at all times.

Alien resident of the US: You must carry your passport & the alien registration card. Many countries require a visa for Non-U.S. citizens; please contact the consulates of each country you visiting for specific information. Personal appearance is required.
Getting lost:
It is of the utmost importance to pay close attention to the directions & information given to you by the tour leader & the guides. Stay close to the group & do not wander off on your own without telling someone.

If you should get lost or separated from the group, stay in one place on your route. The guide will retrace the steps of the group to find you.

Always carry the name of the hotel where are staying. If the guide is not back within an hour or so, take a cab back to the hotel if you are in the city where the hotel is, otherwise stay put & wait.

We strongly recommend travel insurance for a carefree trip. An application for accident, baggage loss & trip cancellation will be provided by Santos Travel & Tours. The policy should be read very carefully, any questions or concerns should be addressed directly to the insurance  company. Their toll free number is listed on the policy.

Most airline tickets are non-refundable once issued. Unless the trip cancellation is purchased, cancellation fees are very high & rigid. Travel insurance, like any other insurance, is necessary for your protection & is highly recommended. All claims need to be filed directly with the insurance company.

Unused portions of the trip are non-refundable.

Itinerary (Adjustments):
Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, changes will be necessary in the itinerary, airlines or hotels. They are an integral part of travelling & we ask your understanding & cooperation.

Most of all, remember that you travel to learn & experience new things. Accommodations, food & customs will be different than at home. You may experience small personal discomforts & inconvenience.

Be prepared to ‘roll with the punches’. If you do this, a great & unforgettable trip lies ahead of you & your travel companions.

DO NOT leave your purse on the floor or the chair next to you. It should be kept on your lap.

Lost articles:
Santos Travel & Tours does not assume any responsibility for lost, stolen or misplaced articles. Baggage loss should be reported immediately at the airport to the  airline you traveled with. Keep copies of all claim forms.

U.S. Customs will not allow you to bring back in the U.S. foreign food or plants. Limit on bringing in alcohol is 40 ounces per person.

Only those meals specified in the itinerary are included. Most lunches are not included but the guide will stop for lunch or recommended places to eat.

DO NOT purchase food from the street vendors. We recommend drinking only boiled water.

If you have a complaint about the food, let the guide know immediately so the problem can be corrected. We recommend eating light during the trip & being open to tasting local dishes.

It is not appropriate to make a lunch or snack from your meal at the hotels, or to take the food & dishes from the dining room.

Beverages with meals are generally not included. Please settle all your charges at the hotel reception before departure.

Waiters expect to be tipped both at the hotels & restaurants. Normal tip is about 10% if you are satisfied with the meal & service.

Miscellaneous Reminders
1) You have electronic tickets for your flights, which will be accessed at the  airport at the time of the check-in.

2) Upon arrival at the airport, please go to the Check-in line.

3) When you present your passport, the airlines will give you a boarding pass.

4) All your flight information is stored in the airlines' computer system